Menu in English

G = gluten-free LL = low-lactose L = lactose-free
Please mention your special diet to our staff.

Fried Starter7,20 €
Chipotle mayo,
4 pcs. gouda sticks or 6 pcs. onion rings
Pizza Bread6,90 €
Garlic butter and cheddar cheese (L)
Spicy Beetroot & Chevre Soup8,20 €
Served with roasted seeds and rustic bread (L)
Crayfish Skagen10,20 €
Crayfish in zesty mayonnaise, served with butter roasted rustic bread (L)
Garlic Escargots10,80 €
Gratinated with garlic butter and blue cheese, served with rustic bread (L)
Double Cheese17,50 €
200 g beef patty, smoked cheese, BBQ sauce, mayo (LL)
Smoking Bacon 17,50 €
200 g beef patty, smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, mayo (LL)
Hot'n Heavy17,50 €
200g beef patty, HOT BBQ sauce, chipotle mayo, jalapeno slices,
habanero jam dip (LL)
Chicken17,50 €
Grilled chicken breast, BBQ sauce, chives sauce, rucola (LL)
Pulled Pork17,50 €
Pulled pork, BBQ sauce, chives sauce, coleslaw (LL)
Burgers are served with french fries, cheddar cheese, crispy lettuce, tomato slices, marinated red onion and pickles. All burgers are available with gluten free bun by one euro additional cost. All meat patties are handmade of 100% domestic beef. Extra patty for 6,00€
Veggie burger available, ask staff more information
Chevre17,50 €
Goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper, mushrooms, pomegranate, watercress
Seafood17,50 €
Cold smoked salmon, greyfish, beetroot, crème fraiche, rockets
Pollo17,50 €
Grilled chicken breast, goat cheese, semi dried tomato, pomegranate, rockets
Parma17,50 €
Dry-cured ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, devil’s jam, watercress
BBQ17,50 €
BBQ sauce, cheddar, pulled pork, blue cheese, pickles, crème fraiche, red onion jam
Fantsu19,50 €
Three fillings of your choice
House Salad18,60 €
Grilled chicken, goat cheese, semi dried tomato, chipotle mayo
Seafood Salad18,30 €
Fried salmon, greyfish, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate, tangy yoghurt sauce (L)
Vege Salad 16,30 €
Grilled soy patties and fried beetroot and goat cheese, pomegranate, tangy
yoghurt sauce (L)
All our salads include: crispy lettuce, baby spinach, rockets, cucumber, celery, marinated red onion, toasted rustic bread, Dijon vinaigrette.
BBQ Beetroot20,80 €
Fried beetroot and goat cheese, BBQ sauce, sauteed fava bean, bell pepper and
red onion, garlic gratinated double baked potato (L)
Gratinated BBQ Salmon25,50 €
Salmon and cold smoked salmon gratinated with garlic sauce, BBQ sauce, fried beetroot, baked potato with garlic or chives filling (L)
Smoky Bourbon Chicken21,30 €
BBQ marinated chicken breast with skin, bourbon butter and garlic sauce, sautéed fava bean, bell pepper and red onion, baked potato with garlic or chives filling (L)
Beef Bourbon Steak25,50 €
200g grilled beef sirloin, bourbon butter and garlic sauce, sautéed fava bean, bell pepper and red onion, french fries (L)
Ribeye Steak24,50 €
250g grilled beef entrecôte, pepper bearnaise, onion rings, french fries (LL)
Fried Chicken Wings12,60/17,20/21,80 €
12, 18 or 24 pcs. of fried chicken wings, celery and carrot sticks, blue cheese sauce, BBQ or wings sauce with your choice of heat (mild / medium / HOT) (L)
Grilled Pork Ribs22,80 €
400g grilled pork ribs, Hiili´s BBQ sauce, chipotle mayo, coleslaw, french fries (L)
Honey Glazed Pork Grill Ribs (PG,L) 21,90 €
L = lactose free, LL = low lactose
Ask staff for more information about special diets.
SIDES (L)4,50 €
French fries and dip
Sweet potato fries and dip
Baked potato
Side salad
Sauteed vegetables
Hiili’s BBQ sauce (mild / medium / hot)
Hiili’s wings sauce (mild / medium / hot)
Mayo or Chipotle Mayo
Habanero jam (HOT!)
Blue cheese sauce
Garlic sauce
Chives sauce
Tangy yoghurt sauce
Cookie Burger5,00 €
Hiili’s oat cookies, ice cream, chocolate sauce (LL)
Caramel Apple Pie6,00 €
Vanilla ice cream
Pecan Chokolate Brownie6,00 €
Delicious brownie with vanilla ice cream
Ice Cream (VL)1 scoop 3,5 € / 2 scoops 5 €
Milk Shake7,00 €
Ask staff for choices
Milk shakes also available with alcohol (LL)
Chicken & Fries (G,L)7,00 €
chicken fillet fingers, french fries, cucumber and carrot sticks
Baby Burger (L)8,00 €
beef burger, tomato, ketchup, mayonnaise, lettuce, french fries
Kids Pizza (L)8,00 €
Small pizza with two toppings
Milkshakes (G)4,00 €
vanilla, strawberry or chocolate
Ice Cream (G)2,50 / 4,00 €
One or two scoops.
Vanilla ice cream, chocolate or caramel sauce